About Me

My love for cooking I’m sure comes from my family, as my Dad is an incredible chef as is my uncle. However I have learnt most of what I know through trial and a lot of error. I’m lucky enough to have a husband and daughter who are my number one fans, so cooking for them is an absolute joy. I read cookbooks in bed, never follow recipes and occasionally get it really wrong. But when it goes right, I am at my happiest. Cooking for me is a show of love, and enjoying a great meal together even if it is toast and tea the most important part of my day. Cooking for me is about the little moments. I play jazz in the kitchen when I cook, I like to have a drink on hand, whether it be a hot tea of water and lemon in the morning, a mineral water, a Campari and grapefruit juice, a Hendricks and Tonic, or a simple glass of wine. I try to take my time with preparing everything, washing the grains or vegetables and preparing herbs and spices. I used to rush everything terribly, but now I like to get into a meditative state and relish every part.

When I am not cooking at home, I am eating out, which is a huge amount. It’s a perk of my work. I run a creative communications agency called FOLKE http://www.folke.com.au working with incredible brands in the food and wine industry, as well as a restaurant and bar called The Sailors Club http://www.thesailorsclub.com.au and a cafe called The Swimmers Club in Sydney.


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